The Sea in Soviet Strategy

The Sea in Soviet Strategy


The rise of the Soviet Navy has been a feature of the postwar period. It is seen as sailing on every sea, challenging Western maritime supremacy, defending and extending Soviet interest around the world and could devastate whole continents if it were ordered to. In this book two leading maritime specialists answer whether this increase in Soviet maritime power is a defensive reaction to Western threats from the sea or whether the Soviet Union intends to command the seas itself. The authors explain the Soviet Union's main tasks and where it is going in the future. This second edition has been modified to take account of key developments since 1983, examining the impact of Mr Gorbachev and his new policies on the Soviet Navy and assessing the likely effects of Admiral Chernavin's arrival as the new Commander-in-Chief. Bryan Ranft is the editor of "The Vernon Papers" and "Technical Change and British Naval Policy, 1860-1939". Geoffrey Till is editor of "The Future of British Seapower" and "Britain and NATO's Northern Flank" and has written "Air Power and the Royal Navy, Maritime Strategy and The Nuclear Age" and "Modern Sea Power".

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Geoffrey Till, Bryan Ranft
Hardback | 304 pages
148 x 222mm | 580g
Publication date
23 Feb 1989
Palgrave MacMillan
Publication City/Country
Basingstoke, United Kingdom
Edition Statement
2nd Revised edition
Illustrations note
44 pp plates, figures, tables, notes and references, bibliography, index