Between Sleep and Awake

Between Sleep and Awake


Fisher Williams awakens one day to find he is living inside a dream. His picture-perfect life consists of studying Marine Biology at a local university, entertaining his girlfriend Caroline, and frequenting concerts, all among the dazzling lights of New York City. Everything is fine until a string of sleepless nights and strange dreams cause Fisher to begin losing his life's rhythm, threatening to tear his well-crafted world apart at the seams. Fisher, nowhere else to turn, hopes a local sleep clinic will cure his ailments. Despite these hopes, Fisher's existence is soon brought into disarray by a slew of unexpected and troubling blackouts, losses of consciousness that bring him terrifying visions and unexpected occurrences. Complicating the problem is a local musician named Rick, a mysterious singer that spends his time stalking Fisher and spouting cryptic messages about the ocean. And when Fisher begins to suspect himself of a murder that occurred during a blackout, he must stop at nothing to discover the truth. Along with his new friend Dennis, Fisher must follow a series of clues leading to places that defy even his wildest expectations, and bring into question the very nature of existence. Author Eric Carlson, in his debut novel, presents an enchanting vision of a world where uncertainty lies around every turn - One where our love for life is tested, and the simple nature of our consciousness threatens to overtake the constant search for inner peace.

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Eric Carlson
Paperback | 170 pages
152 x 229 x 10mm | 259g
Publication date
19 Apr 2013
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform