English Ministry Crisis in Chinese Canadian Churches

English Ministry Crisis in Chinese Canadian Churches


In this book, Dr. Matthew Todd looks into the anecdotal reporting of high numbers of Canadian-born Chinese leaving Western Canadian Chinese churches--what is termed the silent exodus. Some of the fastest-growing Canadian churches are Chinese, yet reportedly the highest dropout rates are among Chinese and Asian church adult ministries. This book recommends solutions towards the retention of Canadian-born Chinese adults in Chinese bicultural churches through empowerment. To address retention, the key factors that contribute to a silent exodus are established through qualitative research with participants of diverse church affiliations. Todd examines various models and proposed solutions the Chinese church has used to retain its English-speaking congregants, and gives attention to a theological basis for being inclusive in mission initiatives and for empowerment through passing the leadership baton. Todd makes some recommendations on the new wave of an emerging congregational model that requires negotiation with Chinese church leadership to give power away to English ministry leaders and congregations. He anticipates that this will permit transformational leadership practices that contribute to shalom, community transformation, and lasting congregations. ""The research information coupled with candid comments gathered in chapter 6 of the book are a must-read for all those who are involved with serving the bilingual and bicultural congregation in the church ministry. Warning to readers: we need to be prepared for transformation or our cultural emotion will likely override the real benefits of reading this book."" --Paul C. Wang, Vice-Principal, Canadian Chinese School of Theology, Tyndale Theological Seminary, Hurst, TX ""Chinese churches of the diaspora are celebrated for their commitment to the spread of the gospel, but it is less well known that there is a large number of Canadian-born Chinese Christians who leave the church. Matthew Todd has documented this 'silent exodus' and has suggested a plan of action to reverse this attrition. This important study should be read by every pastor and lay leader of Chinese heritage who also speaks English."" --W. Ward Gasque, E. Marshall Sheppherd Professor of Biblical Studies, Regent College, Vancouver B.C., Canada ""This is a creatively conceived and systematically executed research project on the role of language and its social impact, focusing on Canada but in many ways applicable to the U.S. as well. It is solidly based on empirical data."" --Daniel H. Bays, Professor of History emeritus, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI ""Ably applying the theory and practice of transformational leadership to the urgent problem of poor retention of the local born in Canadian Chinese churches, Todd's book breaks new ground in the advanced study of this crucial issue. Todd examines a number of models proposed by veteran practitioners of North American Chinese ministry and argues forcefully for one particular model based on his decades of ministry experience and up-to-date research. While readers may or may not agree entirely with him, no one who cares about this topic can afford to ignore his significant contribution to this conversation."" --Marcus K.M. Tso, Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, Ambrose University College Seminary, Calgary, Canada ""Todd's work in this book elicits a deep sense of gratitude within me. He has done a great service for the Canadian Chinese Christian community by documenting, analyzing, and reflecting upon a reality that has troubled the Chinese Christian church in diaspora for decades; namely, the loss of their next generation. Through his research he has recorded the heartfelt experiences of those who have become culturally displaced and disenfranchised and given them a voice. Having identified the felt needs and perspectives of the next generation and their relationship with the first generation, Todd not only provides insightful observations but suggests a pra

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Matthew Richard Sheldon Todd
Paperback | 408 pages
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26 Mar 2015
Wipf & Stock Publishers
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