Men Among Men : (these Eighteen Short Stories)

Men Among Men : (these Eighteen Short Stories)


The book "Men among Men," the sequel to "In My Time," consists of sixteen short stories, four in English and Spanish. The stories date from 1916 through 2016 (one hundred years); in chronological form. These are unpublished stories to date, non-fiction in mode, crisscrossing the author's life, all, or most all dealing with men, dealing with men's issues, or situations. Such as the unforgettable "Oscar." Also, a story "Winter Houses" out of St. Paul, Minnesota (1957). One on soldiering, as in Basic Training at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, in 1969. Two stories between 1970 and 1976 concerns West Germany. There is one story concerning the author's time in Vietnam, 1971. Also, a trip to Bali, in 1999. And the opening story, about his Grandfather's "Voyage from Grodno to: Elis Island" (1916). You will love the heartwarming story called: 'A Penguin Yarn'. And a more trying story out of Peru, called '...Guadalupe and Little Coyote, ' tells of the hardships of immigrants. Also, there are two stories, one on Chile, and the other one in Argentina. The last climatic tier being in poetic prose, 'A Darkness' concerns men unwilling to open their minds to God's calling. All are remarkably expressed. Within the bulk of these stories, Chick Evens is Dr. Dennis L. Siluk's pseudonym. This is the author's 53th International book (not including his 48-chapbooks in publication). Back picture is of the author at a park in Lima, Peru, 2007.

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