Katachi ? Symmetry

Katachi ? Symmetry


In Japanese culture the concept of katachi has special significance, connoting relationships and connectedness. Although katachi cannot be translated precisely, it corresponds most closely to "form," "shape," "pattern," or "Gestalt". The contemporary study of katachi is interdisciplinary and encompasses virtually all scientific and aesthetic endeavors. Katachi research seeks to bridge the gap between cultures - whether the "two cultures" of C.P. Snow or the contrasting cultures of East and West. To help achieve this aim and to foster international cooperation, the interdisciplinary symposium titled "Katachi "U" Symmetry" was convened in Tsukuba, Japan, November 21 - 25, 1994. With many participants from differing backgrounds and cultural perspectives, the symposium was the culmination of 15 years of work in the field. Like-minded researchers and philosophers came together from two movements in interdisciplinary studies of katachi and symmetry that arose in the 1980s, one in Japan, the other in Hungary. The proceedings of the symposium will stimulate and provoke the interest of scientists and mathematicians, engineers and architects, philosophers and semioticians - indeed, all those with a lively sense of curiosity and a wide-ranging intellect.

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Tohru Ogawa, Koryo Miura, Takashi Masunari, Denes Nagy
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